Fortitude foundation creates a space of possibilities for the physical and psychological rehabilitation of wounded and traumatized servicemen and veterans. A comprehensive rehabilitation program includes post-medical rehabilitation and retraining.

Post medical rehabilitation

War veterans suffering from injures and trauma are cared for by qualified coaches. Working together, they will strengthen each individual's muscular needs in line with their injuries. This work is important to prevent degenerative changes in their musculoskeletal system and allows to prepare the body for further physical effort. Masseurs assist coaches in their work.

Furthermore, our center includes designated comfortable spaces where war veterans can relax and join in communal activities. There are also specially equipped lounges for veterans who wish to spend time alone.

Re-skilling and training for a new profession

Experienced and carefully selected teachers who specialize in various businesses, ranging from IT to cookery, will help veterans learn a new profession. Ultimately, at the end of the training, they will assist in finding employment.

Classes are held in an offline format. Veterans can choose to study independently online or with the help of coach and trainer. To get started, they can meet with an expert, who will guide them to appropriate services and training in line with their preferences and skills.