Ukraine at the "WARRIOR GAMES 2022"

What are the Warrior Games?

The Warrior Games are adaptive sports competitions for military personnel and veterans who have been injured, wounded or sick as a result of combat operations.


What was the process for preparing the Ukrainian team?

At first, the co-founder of FF and head coach, Olena Yanovska, determined in which sport each athlete could perform best. The next step was the joint intensive work of FF coaches and participants, followed by tracking their results at each stage of training. Once a week, under the leadership of the head coach, a general meeting of all team members was held to summarize the results of the work and monitor the general condition of the participants.

Our team trained the boys and girls in the UK for five weeks, at the Blind Veterans rehabilitation center.

Thanks to productive training and quality rest, the participants significantly improved their sports performance


What was the result?

The Ukrainian National Team achieved incredible results in various categories during their participation in the WARRIOR GAMES 2022: 87 medals, most of which were gold.

The Fortitude Foundation is proud of the achievements of our veterans and the work of coaches. Their thirst for self-improvement and tireless work are inspiring.

Let's conquer new heights together!