Training of trainers

Every warrior needs motivation to return to regular training, after coming home.

With this aim, our team is launching training courses for veterans and advanced training courses for coaches and members of Invictus and Warrior Games teams under the “Adaptive Sports Coach” program. This will encourage veterans and athletes to continue their self-development and promote adaptive sports in Ukraine.

Upon completion of their training, the students will receive a Diploma entitled, “Adaptive Sports Coach (sport)” and will be able to apply for coaching positions at the Invictus National Team.

The theoretical and practical knowledge the students will have gained will enable them to teach their sport to other veterans, helping them to adapt to civilian life after their injuries and traumas.

The Invictus Games 2023 program in Düsseldorf will feature adaptive table tennis for the first time. Ukraine has great athletes and coaches who specialize in this sport.

Our team will be coached by Serhii Kalytyuk, a member of the Invictus Games 2020 and Warrior Games 2022 national teams, and, a medalist and winner of these competitions. Serhii has participated in tournaments at the regional and national levels. The athletes will be able to improve their skills at the Academy under the careful supervision of Viktor Didukh (the Paralympic Summer Games table tennis champion, international master of sports of Ukraine, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine).

 Our country's veterans are an example of courage, resilience, and indomitability. By participating in international competitions, they will make people around the world admire their will to win!